Plasma & LCD

Most modern properties will have many televisions throughout the home located not just in the dedicated cinema-room or lounge but also in the bedrooms, the kitchen, study and even the bathroom! That is why Complete Audio Visual offer a range of different screen types and sizes to meet your every requirement.

Standard or High Definition?

Plasma and LCD devices are all called "fixed-pixel" displays because the panel has a predefined and fixed number of pixels in its display format. Knowing the number of pixels in each direction (horizontally and vertically) will tell you how sharp an image it will produce, as well as whether it will display a true High Definition TV image or only Standard Definition, both of which are part of the new digital TV standard. The pixel count will also affect the cost. Lower resolution costs less; higher resolution costs more. And just because a TV is labeled "digital" doesn’t mean that it is capable of producing a high-definition picture. Within the new digital TV set of standards, there are three levels of resolution permitted: Standard (SDTV), Enhanced (EDTV), and High Definition (HDTV).