Security Systems

We provide a full range of security services including electronic access control, automatic gate systems, and monitoring.

Imagine you're enjoying a quiet evening at home and the doorbell rings, instead of getting up and going to the front door you simply switch channels on your television to see who’s there. Or you can monitor the baby's room, check up on the kids, monitor each area of your home, inside and out; it's all possible with one of our CCTV systems. Furthermore, an integrated security system can be set so that the lights switch on and off in the same pattern as the previous fortnight so that when you are on holiday no one will know you’re not at home.

We will custom design a security system to fit your budget and lifestyle. From a reliable basic system, to the most sophisticated protection that is available today. Whether you are building a new home, adding security to your existing home, or upgrading an existing system, we design and install security systems that revolve around your lifestyle and provide the right amount of protection for your needs.


CCTV: Cameras with secure hard-drive recording. You can monitor the footage, whether live or recorded, from any touchscreen, television or PC in the home. They can also be programmed with remote web access so you can view footage via your PC anywhere in the world.
Gate Entry: Video entry panel with audio allows you to screen visitors before allowing access. Furthermore, sensors can be integrated at entry to automatically recognise and admit vehicles as well as opening gates and garages.
Internal: PIR movement detection can be linked to the lighting or audio system to deter trespassers
Remote Access: Use your mobile or palm to send messages to control access to your property, remotely lock or unlock doors and windows, set the security alarm in case you forgot before you left home or turn it off in case of a false-alarm. A useful function in properties where you are away for long periods and wish to admit guest/visitors.
Alarm System: Can be programmed to switch off all lighting, TVs and music when it is set so that you don't have to remember when leaving the house. An energy-saving and environmentally friendly feature.
Door Entry: Biometric entry systems allow keyless entry using finger/palm print recognition for ultimate peace of mind. These can be used for whole house or single room security.


Whether you require a simple gate entry system or a more sophisticated CCTV network, we are experienced at working independently or along side security specialists to ensure that the intelligent control system integrates seamlessly with the security systems you select.