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Scandyna Minipod-Mk2
Scandyna Minipod-Mk2


We dare to be different. Our vision is to reproduce superb sound quality while redefining conventional speaker aesthetics.

The Minipod loudspeaker follows an organic design, where ‘form follows function’. Each characteristic of the design can be justified on sound acoustic principles. The Minipod is essentially an amalgamation of three spheres to form one pressure-vessel, minimizing cabinet vibration, sound radiation and distortion, allowing clean uncluttered audiophile sound reproduction.

The new Minipod Mk2 has an improved bass response due to a new bass driver and crossover which extracts every ounce of performance from this classic timeless design.


Colours: White, Black, Red, Matt Black Gloss Black


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Weight: 2.3 kg

Width: 21 cm
Height: 34 cm
Depth: 20 cm


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Price: 599.00

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